Pray The Rosary With Us

Pray The Rosary With Us

March 31, April 14, April 28 and May 12

As Catholics we look to the Rosary to take us away from the trials and hardships of our own lives and to instead bring ourselves closer to Jesus and Mary by recalling significant events in their lives. The Mysteries of the Holy Rosary help us to meditate on these events.

Beginning March 31st, and in the weeks following the Easter holiday, the Knights of Columbus are looking to celebrate the Rosary and the Easter season by reciting the Glorious Mysteries in a series of devotions at St. Ann’s Church.

Easter is seen as a season of renewal, and the Glorious Mysteries will take us from the Resurrection of Jesus to the Crowning of Mary as the Queen of Heaven. This will be the perfect season to come together as a parish to celebrate these Mysteries.

Please join us every other Wednesday at 5:30pm in the church as we pray the Rosary together. If you can’t join in person, you can go to our parish website to view and recite the Rosary with us from your home. Go to the Join Us at Mass button on the website and look for the weekly Rosary video in our Mass archive.

You can click here to download a copy of How To Pray The Rosary.

We look forward to praying with you this Easter season!

March 31st
April 14th
April 28th
May 12th

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