Drive-In Bingo Rules

Tips and Guidelines for Drive-in Bingo

• Enter St. Ann’s parking lots from South 5th Street in Emmaus and turn left toward
the upper lot. Please put on a mask before you get to the Check-In table and
anytime you are out of your car.
• Pull up to the Check-In table but do not get out of your car. Your $20 donation
gets you a set of 20 paper bingo sheets (2 cards per sheet), a dauber, and a box
supper. You also can request a canned or bottled beverage.
• We recommend you bring a clipboard or other flat object to hold your bingo
• Follow the Knights who will direct you to your parking space. The Bingo board
will be projected on the church wall.
• Once parked, TURN OFF your headlights, turn off your engine and move the key
to the Accessory position to power your radio and dome light. For keyless cars,
do not put your foot on the brake and then press the Start button. This will power
up your accessories like the radio.
• Tune your radio to the designated frequency to hear the numbers being called.
• When you have a Bingo, honk your horn and then turn on your hazard flashers
so we know where you are. A Knight will come to verify your winning card. Your
prize money will be delivered to your car. Only then, turn off your hazard
• A selection of desserts and beverages will be offered car side after the tenth
• A bathroom is available in the Pastoral Life Center, uphill and across Fairview
Street, behind you.
• Please pack your trash into your supper box and take it home.
• Please return your dauber to the Knights positioned by the exit. They will be
sanitized for next month.
• Please leave by either the 5th Street exit or Fairview Street exit.
Thank you for coming and we hope you have a great time with us.
St. Ann Council #12886
Knights of Columbus

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