Listen to this amazing song

Being staunchly pro-life, there should be no surprise that we want to bring this song to your attention. Sung by Rachel Holt, an amazing young talent, “I was gonna be” will certainly move you. In this song, Rachel gives a voice to the unborn about the life they might have had if they had actually been given the chance to live.

There is one line in the song that grabbed my attention – “If my momma could have just seen my face”. It so clearly brings to mind of the pro-life movement’s efforts, including those of the Knights, to provide ultrasound technology and access to expectant mothers, hoping that the sight of their unborn baby would help persuade them to choose life.

Please take a few minutes to watch Rachel’s beautiful video and hear her melodic voice by clicking here to view the official video. There is also a studio version of her song that you can see here.

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