Church Bell Memorial

Church Bell Memorial – We want to hear from you!

The St. Ann’s Knights of Columbus are working hard to create the Church Bell Memorial, but before any work gets started, we would like to hear from members of our community. Please read on to see how you can help us.

We have a number of design ideas that can be used to create a bell memorial that our parish community can be proud of. Please click on any of the images below to see an expanded view of suggested designs and kindly provide your feedback as a comment response that we can review.

More work needs to be done to design, refurbish and build a memorial to have it ready for December 2023. Your ideas and support are very welcome as we move ahead as a community to honor those who came before us.

It is very important to us to receive input from our valued parish community. Please use the comment section below to record your thoughts. We are looking for any feedback as well as your ideas. All submitted comments will be held for moderation. Kindly be succinct and keep the discussion relevant to the Church Bell Memorial. We reserve the right to remove any offensive or irrelevant material.


  1. JonHarada@hotmail.con

    I don’t know how many bells there are, but is it possible to leave one in its original condition for display someplace inside? You said they would have to be refurbished. I don’t know of their actual condition but having one “as is” would would add to the historical significance

    • Thanks for your comment Jon. There are only the three bells. They are actually “tuned” so that each will produce one of the three notes of a G major chord. Our goal is to be able to ring them, so eventually, they’d be outside. Based on initial assessment, the refurb process will still leave some degree of “aged history” on the bells.

  2. Angelika Forndran

    Thank you so much for remembering! in the 1990s my mother ( also a choir member) was in contact with the original families who had heard the bells ring in the original Church . They had saved up funds ( maybe $3,000?at the time) toward a bell tower (Koller or Kohler family??) . She gave a preliminary structural design and cost estimate to Bishop Welsh at the time- later Msgr Hoban knew of it but the school and Church renovations required building funds. In your designs – the bells can no longer ring?? ( or just too expensive now for a real tower?) ; My mother is deceased – but this will honor a vow she made – so can families contribute in the memory of a loved one and will there be a kind of memorial plaque or registry??

  3. I like Design Concept 4. What are the proposed elevations and dimensions (footprint)? Is a plaque or marker included in the design to provide a brief overview of the Church and bells?

  4. Thank you to the Knights for taking on this beautiful project. I’ve always hoped we’d someday have church bells.
    I like the first idea, but also like Bob Schneider’s idea of the rectangle & circle.

  5. Shirley Shellenberger Linde

    I like design 4 however I do think Mr. Schneider has a good idea. I would appreciate seeing a design with the circle superimposed on a rectangle with a bell in the center. I also would appreciate knowing where this will be placed. It’s important that the design fits the space and that it looks like it belongs to the rest of the Church exterior. It’s an exciting project! Thank you to the Knights of Columbus for taking on this project and for seeking comments from the St. Ann Church Community.

  6. One distinct change from the old traditional church structure to the present modern structure is rectangular to round. Have a rectangular shape structure with a bell in it and next to it a circular structure with a bell in it.
    If that’s too expensive, have a circle superimposed on a rectangle with a bell in the center.

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