Watch Us Get Started

With the cooperation of the weather, and the muscle of several Knights, we finally got our Garden of Mercy underway for 2024!

Tasks Accomplished

  • Buried a water line from the Parish Life Center to the roadside drainage culvert so we no longer need to pull hose across the lawn each time watering is needed.
  • Planted over 80 vegetables plants including cabbage and some others
  • Removed a bunch of weeds that had grown over the garden during the winter
  • Placed cardboard and compost around new plantings to help prevent weeds
  • Repaired and refilled the compost container

Overall, the garden is in great shape.  Check out these photos! 

A huge thanks to Sean M, Frank F., Larry F, Bruce H., Hugh B., Bob O., Nairi L., Surpeeth D., and Dylan V. for spending your Saturday morning at the Garden.

Also, thank you Brother Sean for this summary and the great pics!

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